Jen has a Master’s degree in addictions counseling. She has spent years providing services to individuals suffering from substance use disorders, mental illness, and spiritual problems. Jen, through her intuition and counseling skills, works at a deeper level to change the way you operate by probing your life habits, behaviors and goals. Jen can sense the life lessons behind the patterns in your life and guide you on how to overcome them. She can also help you to connect with your inner self and the divine within. This connection with the divine gives you inner peace, consciousness, abundant energy and joy. You realize the truth of life and you’re at peace with the world around you.

Jen also has certifications in energy psychology, mindfulness in meditation, neurolinguistic programing 1&2, emotional freedom technique, reconnective energy healing, spiritual coaching, reiki master and advanced meditation techniques.   

Jen offers services to aid clients in determining their true essence, understand blocks, and get a better understanding of their life’s path and purpose. Her gifts also promote healing, and closure from past events. For more info, contact me.

jen cortright guided meditations

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