Recently I have been having some issues sleeping at night and randomly wake up in the middle of the night. So, here’s an interesting topic I never really thought about until the other day when a friend asked me when I shower? She said maybe I should shower at night before bed.  It’s not something I regularly focus on, but of course I shower daily!  I never consciously thought of the connection between not showering before bed and lack of sleep.  There have been times after a group where a lot of heavy energy was present that I just had to come home and shower, so I guess I knew something all along, but it didn’t register.


With this question, I got to thinking…… You know how thinking goes for those of us who overthink.  I thought perhaps my sleep issue over the last several weeks could be linked to the energy that I was picking up during the day, that I wasn’t washing from my body or my energy field before bed? I knew in my conscious mind that clearly, we pick up energy daily.  I can touch something from someone that’s not present and feel their energy, so I know there is transfer happening.


The force field around us (the etheric field) gets dirty. As we go about our day and transfer energy between conversations, passing by, hugs, even phone calls, microscopic energy is transferred onto our skin and hair.  Imagine if its someone who’s quite dark transferring that energy to you and you didn’t wash it off.  You’ll literally be sleeping with the enemy!!! It’s so true though.


So, with this, I figured I would test this theory out by showering at night rather than the morning.  I’ve never been a night shower person, so I knew this would be a total change for me. For 3 days I showered at night after all my clients were done for the day and I wouldn’t be talking to anyone else.  The result was interesting… I slept an entire night and felt magnificent in the Am.  Last night I didn’t get done until late and I forgot to shower.  Guess what? I was up at 2am.


All this being said, it appears that showering at night is in your best interest if you’re struggling with sleep issues. If you’re sensitive you’ll take on all that energy and it will absolutely interrupt your sleeping and probably oppress you a bit, may even cause sleep paralysis.   This holds true for kids too.  Remember they are in school all day, picking up all kids of energy.  It’s smart to have them shower at night too.


Happy showering!!


Peace, blessings