Children are sensitive too. The past few days my son had been coming home and acting insane. It got to the point where I had to force him to come with me to the church and start reading the Bible and praying without stopping.  The church was empty so it worked out well.  After about 45 min of non stop prayer he was completely normal.

He opened up to me to tell me that he’s been having bad anxiety at school because he was moved next to a girl that keeps hissing at him and drawing dark figures with sharp teeth.  He was taking that energy on and turned it into anger and rage.

In this day and age it’s important to teach the children to understand their sensitivity, and teach them what to do in the case of spiritual attack. They are the most vulnerable. Try and look deeper into the cause of them acting up, teach them to pray, teach them how to cope. After all, the children will inherit the earth one day, it will be a better place, a better time. This won’t last forever, as long as people wake up and spread love and light.