The name of the game the last few years has been CHANGE.  Since about 2010 there has been a great shift in the evolution of humanity.  People are being given the option to change themselves, and if they don’t, they will be forced to change.  That forced change will look like everything around you falling apart.  This change in our evolution is a spiritual change, a change that is making people wake up, see themselves, see their own evil, and fix it.  So, if you’re in a bad relationship, bad job, bad state of mind, be prepared to see your life get shaken up before you.  It’s really all a blessing.  It’s going to make you who you’re supposed to be, and not who you think you are.  Gods timing is very precise.

Change can sometimes bring on fear but often when you look back, staying where you were back then would have been way scarier. Try to embrace change as a lively friend, that brings new things to your life. However, embracing change is a matter of giving away or letting go of old traits. It’s all a matter of lowering your resistance and trusting. You can’t become something more if you can’t let go of where you find yourself today.

So don’t resist it, let it happen, laugh a lot, laugh at your faults, dance around, enjoy this journey….. that’s what you came here for, to learn lessons.  You can make it Heaven or Hell, you decide…..