Happy end of 2019!! You made it through this year, you made it and you’re still standing. This past year has been pretty intense for most of us.  The stuff we fear most within ourselves has been brought to the surface to heal and transform.  The purpose of our journey is to restore ourselves to wholeness and to learn the lessons we came here to learn.


2019 has been so challenging because many are cleaning out the closet, coming out of the closet, and nailing the closet door shut.  Leaving toxic relationships, friendships, workplaces, and anything that stops your healing, and growth behind.  While this was emotionally draining for some, it taught you how to take charge of your own life and take your power back.  Anything that that takes away your peace and interferes with your walk with God is way too expensive for you.


Other themes that have been major players in 2019 are fear and anger.  While fear and anger aren’t the best emotions to hangout in they are a catalyst for change.  When the ego doesn’t want to let go of control, anger and fear set in.  What you have learned is you really have no control and the more you fight against that, the worse it gets.  Just let it happen, the change needed to happen.   If you haven’t yet processed these emotions, you’ll feel heavy, tired, lack motivation, and just feel off.  Best thing to do, accept you have no control and start to work on yourself.


This isn’t just about those on a spiritual journey, everyone whether you’re awake or not, is being forced to deal with emotions and change.  Look at the world, look at all the anger, fear, and change in the government, churches, its everywhere.  People are feeling out of control and reacting in bizarre ways.  Can’t fix em…


Accept the old you that’s breaking down and let the new you shine through.  Don’t hold on to your old beliefs and patterns, they won’t serve you anymore.  The best thing for you is to go within yourself and learn you can’t fix or save the world or anyone in it, but yourself.


Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself for the end of this year so you can move forward with grace and clarity:


What have I learned this year?


How can I see my trials and tribulations as blessings?


What were my blessings this year?


Who were my teachers this year? (friends, family, relationships, usually toxic people)


Did I trust my intuition?


A new beginning is coming, a brighter place, a more peaceful world.  First, you have to find the peace within you. You’ll find that if you worked through your stuff in 2019, that 2020 will be filled with love and even more blessings. If you haven’t, you’ll struggle a bit, but eventually be forced to feel it, and heal it, and transform it.


Godspeed on your journey,