Can cancer be cured by looking at both the spiritual aspect and the physical aspect? Yes, I believe there is absolutely a link. I don’t believe science has ALL the answers.

Something I have observed over the last few years in individuals that were actively fighting cancer, or who have had cancer is that they are individuals that are very projected outward, have a hard time staying within their own spiritual body to properly heal, they are usually surrounded by negative people, or they have lack of warmth within themselves.

Cancer in the spiritual is a coldness, it’s black. When an individual absorbs coldness over a period of time it breaks down the spiritual body, hence manifesting illness and disease in the physical body. An individual who is very projected outward and wanting to fix everyone (usually very negative cold people) will absorb massive amounts of coldness, completely deteriorating the spiritual body. If the individual doesn’t have a balance of warmth within, he or she cannot fight that coldness, hence it’s all absorbed.

Individuals that are cold, callous, and not emotional have complete lack of warmth within themselves, which causes disease to rapidly grow within them. Have you ever noticed that people who are cold and callous have multiple heath issues at some point in their life?

Regardless if an individual is kind and wanting to help people or their cold and callous, they are still a soul that needs help. Everyone is offered a second chance, a redemption. A chance to get it right.

When I see individuals with cancer the first thing, I do is assess their emotion, people surrounding them, if they are projecting, and their medical history.  I gather all the facts, all the possible sources of the coldness. I teach them to stop projecting, stop trying to fix people they can’t fix, I teach them to stay in their spiritual body so they can heal their physical body. I teach them to turn inward, and to bring warmth to themselves. I get them to start praying out loud, drawing more light to their dead spiritual body.

Perhaps the real key to unlocking the cancer mystery and to preventing reoccurrence, is to join the medical and the spiritual.  Because while the medical cure can destroy the disease, it doesn’t destroy the source of the disease, only spiritual warmth can do that. Wouldn’t it be great for the medical community to be open to spiritual based evidence, along with science-based evidence?