Happy Easter to you and yours. Today is Good Friday, and it’s known as the day that Christians believe Jesus was crucified. It’s truly hard for me to ever read about the crucifixion of Jesus. It brings me to tears every singe time. I can’t imagine the pain and torment he endured. Then  on Easter Sunday it is written that Jesus rose from the dead.

There are many lessons in what Jesus went through as the son of God, a true spiritual warrior. We are all sons and daughters of God as well, in one way or another.  Hence, we will have many lessons, some spiritual, some physical.

In this life we all endure hardships, fears. emotional pain, and being tourmented in one way or another.  We will want to give up, hurt others for hurting us, and push people away to avoid the pain of feeling.

We have to observe and understand negativity and life pains, so we can really learn to appreciate rising again and seeing the light . If we didn’t go through the pain, we wouldn’t be reborn, saved, and renewed. The renewal of the world has come. We just have to be patient a little while longer.

When you find yourself complaining about all of your own trials and tribulations, thank God for them. After all, you didn’t carry a cross, get whipped, and crucified like Jesus did. You’re just going through another lesson, another season, and another chance to get it right.

Hope you all find peace, love, and the light of Jesus this Easter weekend. After all, those things already exist within you.

Be well, be blessed