Over the last couple months our lives have been turned flipside, upside down.  What we have been through can easily be compared to as a trauma.  It’s been mentally and physically exhausting.  It seems normalcy is a thing of the past, and we don’t even know what normalcy entails moving forward.


In a world that is degrading in its moral standards and the treatment of others, we have to learn to go the opposite way, we are not the victim of the experience but the ones that were lucky enough to experience it, so we could learn from it.  You’re probably thinking well, that was one heck of a learning experience!  It was though.  You learned what you have been missing while being caught up in the tik tock of the world, you learned to sit with yourself, you learned there are many people filled with greed, you may have even learned who your friends really are, and probably some other important things too, things you wouldn’t have otherwise bothered to think about.


Clearly, we have to pay our rent, work, raise the kiddos, but we must all learn to do these things without falling off balance again, not losing ourselves in the tik tock of the world.  In walking slowly through life in a calm and centered way, with grace and dignity, not being needy for relationships and attention of another,  being ok with slowly moving forward, not trying to change people to make them fit your idea of perfect, and not trying to win the affection and acceptance of others, you regain inner peace.


Struggling to hold onto what was or who you were before all this craziness, will only drag you down.  So, instead smile, let people be who they want to be, and do what they want to do, pray for them, pray for yourself and your salvation, wish others good fortune and wellbeing.  Continue to live your life as if you are living for you, and don’t take the actions of others too seriously.


Process the things that trigger you and make you nuts, walk along the river and listen to the birds, smell the fresh morning air, notice the laughter of children, talk to yourself, trust your inner voice, let go of control.  More strange events will come to shake people’s stability, but you’ll be ready this time.


The trick moving forward is to become very soft, less needy, and more humble. Head for simplicity and balance and a gentle, uncomplicated path. Come off an obsession with self, turning instead to helping other humans and the magnificence of nature and God. That is the safest way to go. If there’s one thing you take from this trauma, let it be that.