While it’s easy to say “your loved one is always with you” or “ you’re never alone” these comforting words don’t often take the pain or the loss away. When people experience the loss of a loved one or feel lonely there’s an emptiness in ones heart and soul that doesn’t seem to ever go away.
 I wanted to give you some tips and ways to cope with this pain. A way to help you keep yourself grounded, centered, and feeling more whole again. Give these things a try, I promise they work. I’ve used these tools and so have my clients.
So here’s some tools for dealing with grief and loss…
-Prayer, I’ll always tell you to use first. Ask God out loud to take away the pain and grief you’re feeling. Ask God to fill the empty space in your heart and soul. Don’t pray to your loved ones. Pray for them, not to them. The key to getting to them is getting closer to God. I promise.
-Get a notebook and write something to your loved one that has passed everyday for a month. Just let them know how you’re doing, how the weather is, what you’re crafting, how uncle Bob got drunk on Thanksgiving. Keep it light and happy!
-Write a letter to them. Tell them how much you miss them, the good times you have had with them, let them know how much you love them. They always read these. Sounds bonkers but they do. I had a client write one to her mother. At her next session, I said “why do I see your mom showing me a lady bug over and over.” She said “what?””There was a lady bug on my arm when I wrote her letter.” True story.
-Do a meditation and connect with them. Close your eyes, visualize your loved one in front of you. Talk to them, hug them. Many people don’t realize you just have to take the time to slow your mind and imagine them again, they will be there. You’ll see. Give it a few tries. If your mind is moving too fast it will take a couple of times to slow it down.
-If you’re struggling to forgive someone who has passed, do the same meditation, visualize the individual forgive them out loud and forgive yourself. It’s part of your lessons
-Don’t be angry with God for taking them too soon. We all have a contract (true story) when your time is done, it’s done. Not Gods fault. If it is a tragic death, remember evil plays a role. If the person didn’t have faith how could God help them? So if you’re angry with God, better ask him for forgiveness, very quickly . Ask him to heal your heart and take away the anger.
-Light a white candle for them, remember the good times, laugh, play their favorite song,remember the beautiful things they did in this life. They always want you to remember them at their best. They want you to laugh and love.
Thats the story morning glory, hope these tips help. Your loved ones are always with you, they really are, they are within your soul, your heart, your memories. The body is the only thing that’s gone forever, not the soul. Be at peace.
Love, hope, and grace be with you