I started writing a different blog, but then this topic here kept nagging at me, so I am assuming this is what I am supposed to write about.  So here goes.  An interesting question I get from people at least 20 times a month is who my spirit guide? When I get this question, I get very perplexed.  Ya, see, I have never related to the spirit guide topic.  I never had some random ghostly voice telling me what to do. I have always felt and known that God is my guide, and God gives me the wisdom to speak.

When I was very young and knew things, I just knew them, I just saw them, I just felt them, I just sensed them.  I didn’t have a guide talking to me, telling me what to do next.   When I go to my early 20’s, and the new age movement started, there was all this talk about spirit guides and how everyone has one, but I still didn’t get it.  I would sit there back then, trying to understand and comprehend it all, but it never made sense to me.

Once I grew even more on my spiritual journey, I realized this new age spirit guide really didn’t exist in the way many believe it to be.  I am saying this because unless I experience it for myself, I won’t talk about it.  I have seen angels, high priests, cherubs, archangels.  I believe what people believe to be their guide is their higher self, their higher knowing, and wisdom from God.   But hold on because this is where it gets tricky for people that aren’t properly educated on the spiritual.

When people try to connect with a so-called “spirit guide,” it can get tricky; one can actually be connecting with the middle realm. It’s an area in the spirit world that is not safe, and it’s where many discarnate entities hang out waiting for someone nieve to oppress and even fully possess.  When you naively connect to them, they will gladly pretend to be whoever you want to trick you and drain you of your energy.  So while it may seem they are giving you accurate information, they are actually steering you down the wrong path.

Now you may be thinking, but my loved one is my guardian angel and my guide.   Well, be careful with that.   Again those entities can even pose as you dead relative to latch on to you. New Age people often talk of spirit guides. Their belief comes from the fact they believe they are guided from other worlds. Sometimes they believe there is a kindly relative in the spirit world helping.  However, your past relative is resting.  They don’t want to work while they are resting! They can send you signs and messages; they are with you in your heart and your soul.

I do believe they can be guardian angels too. I also have seen angels intervene in situations, visit people, offer information.  God often sends those angels to people in much need or people that have called upon God for help.  Even higher celestial beings can help.

There are higher celestial beings that can offer information, but one has to be very careful, as I mentioned previously.  It’s always good to feel out the things you see and feel, maybe even hear.  If it feels off, don’t trust it.  The purer you are, the more wisdom and knowledge you are granted.  The closer you get to God, the more pure the information you get.  If the wisdom you get is used for power, control, or manipulation, it’s taken from you.

The “spirit guide” situation becomes very unsafe for people also, when you get a medium or psychic that tells you that they are getting information from different spirit guides or my guide is telling me this or that.   That is actually very dangerous because information can be given to you partially accurately, only to steer you on the wrong path later on.  You don’t really know if that person is channeling an entity.  Which is most of the time what it is.

Remember this… All-knowing, is a clear knowing.   Clear knowing is pure knowing.  The purer you are, the more pure information you will get; celestial information is pure information.

Trust your gut, ask God for spiritual gifts, pray for protection, pray to be wise, and pray for knowledge, and definitely pray for discernment.