Did you know if you click on the self-healing tab on my page, there are various free guided meditations I have recorded?  I plan to add even more!  There is also a tab for self-healing tips and breathing techniques.

There are tons and tons of self-healing tips, spiritual guidance, and prayers if you read through my blog.   I put tons of time and effort into each blog in hopes that I am helping someone.

For my guided meditation zoom class, children and teens 16 and under are free of charge.

While I don’t charge for the mediations on the page, self-care tips, or blog, I would love to keep it going for free so that everyone can benefit.

Donations are much appreciated in any amount, even a dollar.  I would love to write a book and open a spiritual center one day.  That won’t be possible for me to do without your help.  So even if it’s a referral to my services, I appreciate any contribution.


Let’s keep spreading the love.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in me!