When you are polite and appreciate people, it really stands out in a world of nastiness and vengeance.  I can remember I purchased a bike from a local cycle shop.  I told the man before leaving the shop, “I appreciate you.”  Since that time, he remembers me as the girl that said that I appreciated him.  

Softness and respect for others separates you from the rest and helps you distance yourself from the nastiness and aggression that engulfs society.  It’s much safer to fall to love than to fall to hate.  Love embraces, hate consumes.  

Many people have gotten to a place where they can’t find the love within themselves; they are angry and frustrated, and scared. So they take it out on everyone around them; they lash out.  Retaliating on others helps them feel better as if others are the reason for their pain, anger, and sadness. 

It’s a part of the internal Armageddon that is happening, though.  The armageddon in which everyone has to either take responsibility for their stuff, fix it, keep it moving, or go angry, crazy, cold, and vengeful. Guess which one you want to do? 

You have the personal choice, the free will, not to fall to this vengeful emotion like the rest. You don’t have to let the anger and hate of the world consume you.  

You can be polite and soft and offer your love; you rise above the adverse times in doing this.  

If you don’t, and you fall to at the anger and disrespect of the world. Your spiritual journey becomes pointless.  Someone once said, “ If you can’t have respect for people, you have no respect for God.”  Excellent point.   It makes a lot of sense—something to really ponder.

In having respect for others, we are granted a light that not many have anymore.  We need to bring that light back before it’s too late

and the anger consumes the world.
Lots of love and laughter to you and yours. Better days ahead.