I’ve come across so many people over the last few years that feel stuck. Like no movement is happening for them. Undoubtedly, it’s easy to feel this way when it seems nothing is moving around us. Sometimes though, we don’t realize that our life is moving and changing. We are moving too fast to notice those changes or movements and even see the problem blocking our forward progress.

I’ve observed people want a quick fix, answers, to know right now, but that’s not the answer to fixing the stuck in the mud feeling long-term. If you don’t fix the actual problem, you’ll keep getting stuck in the same place and feeling.

Often we only observe what is directly in front of us, rather than looking all around us or within us. We tend to forget that maybe we have missed something that is preventing us from moving forward.

When you are unable to move forward, sit down. Just step back a few giant paces and look at the bigger picture. Look at life around you and your thoughts and emotions in slow motion.

You’ll notice, when you take time to slow down, look within yourself, observe things, and you stop trying to push forward, you’ll start to notice the things that make you feel stuck, you’ll for the first time see what is keeping you stuck in the mud. It’s only when you take the time to see the problem that you can fix the problem.

So stop. Slow it down, observe. You’ll begin to get signs and hunches and the clarity that you need to move forward. Suddenly a doorway opens, leading you to the next path.

Learn to watch and notice all things, open your mind, open your heart. Maybe the stuck in the mud is a blessing from God, a gift that teaches you to slow down and observe everything instead of looking for the next best thing.