When I speak of energy, not many people understand what I mean or what I am saying. Many people aren’t even aware of the energy around them. Energy can be defined as the resonance that we give off or the resonance someone else gives off; even a place, plant, or animal has an energetic resonance.

Have you ever heard someone say this place or person has a good vibe? That’s the feeling one is getting from the energy given off by a person or place. The energy around something or someone depends on many factors.

If you’re sensitive, you can feel the energy of things; if you’re not, you can train yourself to be more aware by just noticing how things feel around you wherever you go. You don’t have to react to negative energy or give it a label, just being aware of it and keeping it moving is good enough.

The energy around you and within you also impacts if you get sick or not. An individual with a low energy/vibe will more frequently get sick, whereas an individual with a higher energy/vibe will be more healthy and vibrant.

It’s essential to know the things that raise your energy and lower your energy on your spiritual journey. These are just suggestions if you want to raise your energy and keep moving along on the spiritual journey.

Things that raise your energy
Prayer out loud
listening to positive, upbeat music
Eating a vegetarian diet
Positive thoughts and words
Self Care
Being around positive people
Staying hydrated
Working on yourself
Slowing down the mind

Things that deplete and lower your energy
High-fat diet
Negative thoughts and feelings
Many sex partners
Lack of spiritual belief
Not feeling emotions
Heavy, harsh music

Ultimately raising your energy helps you along on the spiritual journey; it brings you to places that not many others have been, it grants you perception, grace, and even guidance. Raising your energy, though, requires a lot of self-work; it’s worth it, though!

More to come on energy!!!