Energetic obstacles are what give us the feeling of being exhausted and feeling depleted all the time. Those energetic obstacles can lead to an imbalance in one’s energy input versus energy output. 

For example, A person who is a workaholic and spends all or most of their day working is typically putting little or no effort into their self-care, hence resulting in lethargy, burnout, and complacency. 

Similarly, an individual who is always focused on everyone and everything else will suffer the same energy drain type, hence why boundaries are very, very, very important.  

Most people will tend to give more than they receive; however it does eventually take a toll on one’s mental, physical, and spiritual body. 

Here are some things you might consider trying to help you overcome energetic obstacles:

Try the following exercise to help you overcome energetic obstacles:

  • Spend some time looking at the areas in your life where there is a lack of harmony.
  • Make a list of the things you are doing that you are giving too much of your time and energy. Write down how much time you estimate you’re using on each thing.
  • Look at the areas of life or things you do that give you more energy and indicate an approximate percentage of time you spend doing these things.
  • In the end, see where you can minimize things that take away from your energy levels and increase things that give you more energy.