God deserves the glory here. So glad everyone is safe.
Do you all remember the plane dream I had the other day? The one where the plane was shaking and had engine trouble? I bet you this was what it was about. I wonder if the people on the plane started praying? I bet they did!! God bless these people.
It just struck me that I had another plane dream last night!! It had a great message though.
I was on a plane, and the aircraft started rapidly descending. Everyone knew something was wrong. The pilot came on the loudspeaker and said, “folks hold on, we are going to try a new method to bring this plane back up” he started praying over the loudspeaker, and everyone on the plane joined him.
The plane made some loud clicking noises, shook, and everyone started praying even louder. The aircraft stood still and started rising again. We landed safely.
I believe this dream was a message that we need to put our faith in God and keep faith in God, even when times get turbulent. Wonderful message in that dream. Thank you, God, for letting me spread that message and understand it.