Devotion, discipline, prayer, silence, and deep respect for this journey are just a few of the qualities that you need on the spiritual journey.


One on a spiritual journey has to be willing to invest a lot of time into themselves and the journey.  It’s easy to lose sight of the journey and fall off the course.  It’s easy to lose sight of God. Its all planned out though, some people are meant to go the wrong way because they never trusted God to begin with. To be devoted to the spiritual journey and its ups and downs is to be devoted to God and trusting him all the way.


It is important to be disciplined and try your best to stay calm, no matter how adverse the situation may be.  Trust in God is very important.  Also, no fear, no anger, no complaining. Be mindful of not becoming the victim of yourself.


Daily prayer and great appreciation for God, Jesus, all the celestial,  are very important.  Prayer out loud is key, as is asking for forgiveness. If you miss one day, you have to start over again as you slip quickly backwards.


Silence in meditation with God, inner silence, being able to go within yourself and slow down your mind.  A fast-moving mind is not a safe mind.  If you’re moving too fast and you’re too loud, you’re missing important things. If you feel the need to be loud and heard, you have to work on why you need to be noticed. Learning to be ok being alone, not needing to be with someone, learning to be silent enough to go within yourself.

A deep respect for this journey

Really understanding that all things come in time, and we are not currently on a level playing field.  Understanding the God will win in the end and having patience is key.  The things that don’t make sense now will make sense later on. Knowing God is within you, Jesus is too.