Over the last several weeks, I have increasing dreams where I observe situations occurring and are to come here in our physical world. I have not had dreams in this way, so these dreams are new to me. Prophetic dreams, yes, but not this type of prophetic dream. Initially, I didn’t share all of them, but I have been more open recently and have felt powerful feelings that I am supposed to share these dreams. So here I go again; let’s pray that this one doesn’t happen.

About a week ago I had a dream that I was in a city, I wasn’t shown the location, but it was a busy city street, tree-lined with shops. I was there, but I wasn’t, it was like I was in spirit form.

I heard gunshots, I looked, and I saw a man in the distance walking down the street actively shooting random people. He had armor on so that police could not shoot him. He was walking and shooting people randomly. He shot a lot of people.

I was standing by a car, I looked beneath the car, and a man was lying under the car hiding, and other people hiding under vehicles as well. This man hiding, though, could see me. He looked up at me and said, what should I do? Should I run? I said no, you need to start praying. I told him to have faith in God.

So all the people under the cars started praying and praying. The active-shooter was approaching the cars; the people were praying. He saw them, walked past them, and did not shoot them; he kept walking and continued on his mission.

My dream ended there. I pray to God this doesn’t happen, but I believe the message is to have faith and know God will protect. So sorry for the graphic images, but I had to share it.