Normal seems a distant lifetime ago, but maybe we never knew normalcy to begin with. Our “normal” was a clouded vision of what we thought life was about. We focused on everything on the outside rather than turning inside to remember who we are and what’s important in life.
So many people lost their minds during the time of restrictions. They lashed out, blamed others, got angry, depressed when all they had to do was be ok with sitting with themselves.
One should never rely on outside stimulation or other people to keep their sanity; life is continuously evolving and changing. Nothing ever stays the same.
Honestly, the pandemic isn’t what changed people. What changed people was having to slow down and just be present. So it’s been a blessing more than anything. When we slow down, we begin to remember; we remember who we are and what our purpose is in this life. It’s the act of remembering. How scary.
I believe part of our journey here, in this life, is remembering who we are and why we came here. Then helping others remember who they are. It’s a time of spiritual awakening; it’s a spiritual revolution. It is not us that is special, but the time is special.
But ya see, not everyone can remember at the same time. Not everyone is ready to go to the bus stop of life and hop on the bus. Some are just getting ready to leave for the bus stop, some can’t find the bus stop, and others got on the bus long ago. The ones that can’t find the bus stop didn’t want to take the time the look at the bus schedule. The ones just getting ready, will load the bus just in time.
If everyone remembered at the same time, we would have mass chaos, hysteria, and mental breakdowns. Because ya see, getting on the bus, it’s scary, it’s an unknown destination. But once you load the bus and arrive, you begin to remember who you are and why you came here.
Don’t let fear stop you from being with yourself or loading the bus. What’s out of our control, is in God’s hands.
Hurry, the next bus is about to leave. I’ve saved you a spot.
Be blessed, do your best