While it’s clear that there are hundreds of thousands of angry and demonically possessed people in this world, there are also millions of good-hearted, loving people in this world. It’s those stories of acts of kindness and service that keeps one going, that keep one pushing toward goodness.
My cousin told me she was at the food store last night, and there was an elderly woman at the register. She was in her 80’s at least; she had a huge food order, and she didn’t have anyone to help her. Her card was not working for her payment, she kept on trying, and the line was growing very long behind her. Her card kept coming up declined, and she couldn’t pay for her order. The order had to be well over $300. She had no other way to pay for the large order. Here’s where we know God, and good people stepped in to help this poor woman.
The gentleman behind her and the gentleman behind him split the cost of her order. Then the people behind them held the door for her as she walked out struggling with the cart, then the people behind them helped her to her car to put the groceries in her trunk. That gave me chills; that’s love.
We have to keep focused on all the good and even create more beautiful acts of kindness just like this one. We need to spread the love, and we need to offer love to each person we encounter throughout our day. A silent “I offer you my love” will due.
Don’t fall into the demonic possession and anger like so many already have; it’s freezing cold. Fall to the love, fall in love with humanity, spread the warmth, spread the light.
Have the most blessed day.