I’ve had several people message me the last few days about visions I had last year. So, I just wanted to post those visions again because it seems like things are heating up.

These posts I’ve done about visions and whatever else are always on my website blog. If you ever want to reference back to them. There are 14 plus pages of my writings.

So here are some key things to keep in mind—no need to overreact and spazz out. Take with a grain of salt, keep it moving. While it may seem negative, it’s true, it’s what’s coming, but in the end, the beauty will come too.

-In December 2020, I posted about upheaval coming in March. I still feel there will be significant upheaval in March. Either via riots, possible wars increased fighting in some way.

-War with Iran. Been seeing this since 2017. I said that it would come with the new president. Tensions are increasing now. I feel Iran is tricky and will work with North Korea and South Korea to make missiles that can reach the US mainland. Or they already have.

There was a South Korean ship seizure a month or so ago by Iran. That ship carried ethanol, which is the main component in energizing missiles to travel far. I believe Iran faked the seizure so South Korea could get to Iran what they needed without anyone finding out. They said Iran seized the ship due to environmental factors, ya ok. I’m positive something is up with this.

-Covid gets better around May, but new variants still will perplex scientists. I’m still standing with what I saw with the vaccine, causing blood issues, stroke, and muscle paralysis. If it feels right for you, though, then it is for you. This is just what I see, not my personal opinion. I don’t talk about vaccines or politics!

-New York will see something. I’ve seen multiple visions of Jesus in New York. He seems to arrive there after something big happens. He brings healing and peace. Possible area for nuclear bomb or missile? I also saw a bomb on a subway, as I’ve mentioned, not sure about the timing.
-Washington bomb outside near important places of our forefathers. Saw it in a bush by a fence. Not sure about the timing.

-Definitely, something with the earth’s magnetic field happening. The sun is changing. I’m wondering if that increases after the spring equinox? I saw the magnetic field of the earth shift; following that comes very destructive weather and earthquakes. Maybe it’s connected to an underwater Volcano eruption I saw in CA. I also saw the waters get toxic.

-Fuel prices rise, the stock market goes crazy. As I said before, I would get money out of there. I also think this Bitcoin thing is going to go wrong. It’s the hype now, but it won’t be long-term.

-People will continue to become angrier. I see it intensifying in March, April. People have to heal themselves and work through their pain, not project it. Turn to God, not the hate of the devil.

-More power outages, planes grounded, satellite failures. I believe that is all linked to what is happening to the sun and those magnetic storms. I wonder if the magnetic field is being damaged due to all the Elon Musk junk up there. I’m sorry, but what he’s doing doesn’t feel right to me. Man destroyed earth; now man is destroying space too.

You have to remember people are very angry but as I said there are good, happy people too. Be one of those good people, pray, believe, smile! The more kindness and love spread, the less the impact of all the evil