One of the many topics I’ll be covering in-depth in my new class is the spiritual war. So many people are blind to this war. They believe their bad luck is simply that, bad luck. They think that their health issues are medical, and they believe the anger and hate is because of covid or the last president. None of that is true.
We are mostly taught through various religions and spiritual beliefs that dark doesn’t exist, and we don’t talk about that because then we draw it to us. We are told to ignore it, focus on the light only. There’s so much more—something you’ll encounter at some point in your spiritual journey.
As you evolve and grow on your journey, you begin to “see” things in yourself, others, and the world. You learn that anytime you have a lower level emotion, you draw the negative energy to you. So, not believing it’s there is only making you more vulnerable to illness and disease.
Let me clarify. Say the following words, hate, anger, sadness, depression. Notice how you feel. Notice how your body reacts to negative.
Now say love, healing, light, God, happiness, peace. Take notice of how much better your body feels. Words and thoughts have more power than you think.
Lower-level thoughts and feelings attract lower-level beings from hell: shadows and more shadows and bad luck. Higher-level thoughts and feelings attract higher-level energies, Angels, and good luck.
Here’s the even trickier part. If your subconscious mind holds negativity, then you’ll also attract negativity and bad luck. This is part of why I’ve been stressing people work on their subconscious mind via meditation, journaling, and merely slowing the mind down. I’m trying to keep you safe.
The class I’ve created is to help you get to that bus stop I spoke of before; it’s a way for me to personally help you get on the bus and not miss the stop. Take advantage of that. Don’t listen to what’s telling you the class isn’t worth it. If you have that thought, you need that class more than you know.
Wishing you a day filled with love, Godly encounters, and many blessings