Something I’ve noticed over the last few months is that nobody has considered the mental impact of the world reopening after Covid. We have all drastically changed over the last year and have adapted to new ways of living. Now things will be reopened, and we will have to learn how to live among society again.
I know you’re thinking, but I’m so excited to do things I love again. The things that make me feel better! Sporting events, concerts, group gatherings all opening back up. Here’s the thing though you’re different, people are different, and the world is a drastically different place.
I’ve noticed over the last few months people are angrier, quick to pick a fight, quick to make a scene, and quick to be rude. Think about how that’s going to fit in with alcohol and large gatherings. Just a thought. Better to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for these things.
It concerns me how much people are triggered and how they lash out when triggered. As I’ve said before, if you don’t like something, if it bothers you, simply don’t look at it and keep it moving. If it triggers you, it’s something in you that needs to be fixed. Then work on that.
Let people be who they want to be without letting it bother you. You can still read Dr. Seuss and call the potato head he or she. Nobody should care. Never mattered before; it shouldn’t matter now either. This is the global shadow coming out. Everything offends the unhealed shadow.
Here are a few tips to help you…
-Consider being cautious, and don’t just jump right back into things. I know this probably sounds silly! You’ve done these things all your life! Yes, however, the concern is more about how people are going to act and react in these environments.
It’s also smart to be cautious with the virus’s variants too, but even more significant, I am worried about how people will act.
-It’s ok to stay to yourself and not do those things you used to love to do. You’re allowed to have boundaries. You’re allowed to have grown, evolved, and changed.
-Learn to trust what you feel is right. I’ve decided to continue doing zoom and phone sessions because, for my safety, I think it’s the right thing to do. It’s exactly the same as in-person sessions. Do people sometimes get upset? Yes, but it’s for my safety. Get what I mean? Do what’s best for you.
-Learn to be aware of your surroundings. Notice people, if they are acting strange, notice their body language. Learn to feel the vibe of the place. Is it good or bad, ask yourself? If it feels wrong, don’t stay.
-be especially cautious if you’re consuming alcohol. Alcohol makes you more vulnerable and impairs your better judgment.
-Make it a practice to always look for an alternate exit first when you enter a place. I’ve done this for years. It’s good to be aware.
-If you notice people getting argumentative and acting out of character, leave immediately. No need to stay and be a part of something not good.
-learn to trust your perception. If you don’t know, don’t go. When in doubt, do nothing.
These are just a few tips to help ease back into what they call “normal life.” Here’s something to ponder though, was life ever really normal, to begin with?
Stay aware, pray, love God with all your heart, pray, know the world will be better one day…
Much love