I got to thinking over the last few days about appreciation. I got to thinking about how an appreciation of something can turn into the expectation of something and then becomes no longer appreciated. I’ve noticed how much humanity has changed over the last several years, how society has gone from being appreciative to being greedy and needy.

You see, when people go from appreciative to greedy, things lose love, luster, and kindness. I believe it’s important to appreciate any small gesture, no matter how many times it’s done. I think it’s important to tell people how much you appreciate them, as much as you can. People need to hear that.

Let me give you a made-up example. Let’s say each day a friend of yours brings you the most beautiful flowers on your morning walk, just something to brighten your day. They do this for a month straight, each day. Initially, you’re so appreciative of those flowers, thankful someone is thinking of you. But… After a couple of weeks of getting those flowers, you begin to expect them. How the mind, ego, works. Then you become less appreciative and more expectant. The flowers don’t look as beautiful because you now expect them.

It seems this way with most things today. We do something out of the kindness of our heart; people appreciate those deeds initially. Then they grow to expect them; they get angry if you don’t continue giving them what they initially were thankful for, it’s now expected. Interesting concept, right? If you sit back and think about it, you’ll see it too.

Within ourselves, we have to stay strong. When we notice people getting greedy and needy, you still love them, but you don’t have to keep doing things for them and keep going out of your way for people that don’t appreciate you. It becomes exhausting. It’s hurtful. Jesus would still love those people, and he would forgive them, though.

It’s clear; people have lost their luster and love; they’ve lost appreciation for the small things in life. Remember, life can change with a breath. It’s better to appreciate than expect. The last few days have opened my eyes to this concept. Don’t lose yourself in trying to get other people to appreciate what they now expect.

Have a wonderful day. I appreciate you reading this blog. I appreciate the people who have supported me without expectation. Thank you for being love and light.

Much love