Lately, I have been pretty into researching and understanding the earth’s magnetic field.   I am sure many aren’t interested in this topic, but we should be due for a magnetic pole shift.   I wonder if all the weather-related visions I have seen over the years result from this magnetic pole shift? This is important stuff right here. As I started writing this blog, a picture that has never fallen flew off my wall, and my computer completely locked up.

Apparently, the last time the earth’s magnetic poles completely shifted was 42,000 years ago.  This massive pole shift caused extinction and UV rays to leak into the earth.   Scientists believe that we will be due for another magnetic pole shift in the next few years.

If another pole shift were to occur, I don’t believe it would cause extinction, but we would be dealing with disastrous weather patterns.  Huge earthquakes, meteors, massive tornados, hurricanes, massive flooding, all of it would happen. There would even be massive power outages, the earth’s satellites would completely fail.   Which is mostly all things I saw coming.  I thought it would happen over a period of years, but maybe it is a result of those poles shifting too rapidly.

We are in a solar maximum time period, and we see heightened solar flares and CME’s, this makes the earth’s magnetic field even more vulnerable to sudden shifts.

I even wonder if those magnetic poles have been shifting, but we aren’t being told about it?  There has definitely been an increase in odd weather over the last few years.

This seems and even feels like something that could never happen to us.  We are never prepared for what could happen.  I wonder if this is one of the ways God takes his land back.   Interesting stuff.  I’m not afraid; I trust God.  You should too.