The day is coming to a close, and the sun is setting with the most beautiful golden hue. No matter the weather, the sun still manages to shine through somehow, even behind the clouds.
The sun rises, and it sets, then comes back to do it all again. If you stop and think about it, how cool is it that the sun rises and sets every day? It’s something we are used to, so it’s something most people take for granted.
Like the sun rises and sets each day, we have to muster the strength to do the same. We can’t let the storms in life cloud our golden light or our better judgment. We have to rise with great strength and determination, let our light shine, and keep the warmth within us.
As this day closes, think of all the things that went well for you today; think of all the beauty God allowed you to see, especially the golden hue of the setting sun.
Be blessed, be kind, be warm
Love love love