Just a thought….
I’ve been seeing a lot lately, the last several months, about these Starlink satellites being launched into space in droves. Each time I see this, I cringe, and I don’t even know a thing about them other than they are being launched for internet services.
Something feels quite suffocating to me about all of these Satellites being launched into space. I read that over 100,000 total will be in low earth orbit by the time it’s complete. That’s just with that company.
Not only does it feel like a horrible idea for our earth, but it takes away from the joy of observing the night sky. I feel like it makes us lose our connection to the earth.
I’m not any type of activist about this stuff, but I’m telling you, man doing this in space will cause much destruction. I can feel it. I’m sure you can too if you’re aware.
Upon researching the issue, I noticed that not many people seem to care or notice that those satellites are completely taking over the earth’s low orbit. In fact, more people were cheering on the fact they will be getting better internet.
What has this world come to? So crazy…. how are people so blind to this stuff? Maybe I’m too aware!!
Many human beings have lost their connection to God, are destroying nature and now space. Before we know it, our stargazing experience will be lost too. Enjoy what you can now because soon, you’ll just be gazing at satellites.
I pray our world wakes up soon. Too many blind people, too much technology, lack of respect for the earth and God’s creation.
I believe God will send his clean-up crew just in time. As I said before, God wins in the end, and the earth will be restored.
Let’s all pray our earth can be saved, the animals , and the people that are sleeping can be woken up too.