Spring is in the air, and the first day of spring is tomorrow, 3/20/21. With spring comes renewal, clearing, freshness, a time to clean up and let go of things that no longer serve us. We are evolving in all areas in life, the world, and personally. Change is good, it’s important to remember that.
With more sunlight and flowers ready to bloom, spring can also be associated with new life, renewal. In Christianity, the spring equinox is the time of the Passion, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus. It’s always good when Jesus is making a comeback. This world needs Jesus, no doubt.
On the day of the spring equinox, we have equal hours of dark and light. I did see several visions about this, but I am not clear on what the visions mean. I saw the magnetic poles reverse, and everything flips. I suppose it’s something to keep in mind. The recent solar activity has indicated shifting is occurring in some manner.
There is a chance of solar storms occurring tomorrow as well, so take notice of how you feel. I wonder if the equinox energy has an effect on our bodies as the solar storms do? It seems like things have been pretty intense lately.
I believe with all the evil that is happening; there is a balance of good happening too. Take, for example, all the tyrants that are falling and or being exposed for their wrongdoings. We will see a lot more of that. People are going to be exposed for who they are and what they have done.
Not everything is, as it appears, and many people have been fooled. I said this long ago that people will let fear take over and run to follow the popular emotion. I think those aware and awake can see what is occurring; others act like this is normal, some ignore it. In time, it will be clear for everyone to see, though.
There is a revolution of sorts happening as people escape the control around them; as people wake up and truly see, they discover that they can be free, they won’t tolerate the lies being fed to them. When enough people wake up, the renewal begins.
The biggest challenge we have right now is making sure we do what Jesus would do. It’s trying to sustain a spiritual stance of love, kindness, and benevolence in what will be a chaotic imbalanced society. It’s remembering that you’ll be fine, and I will be too.
As you learn and begin to move away from the evolution of people and the drama, you move away from the collective negativity and its level of energy. You will then be able to walk through the middle of a riot, and nobody will notice you. Just continue to believe that your life is sacred, believe that Jesus is within you, and in turn, the upcoming changes won’t seem so daunting.
So, stay warm. Forgive yourself and those who have upset you, make peace as best as possible, embrace humanity, respect, and love nature, find others of like mind that feel like you do.
If you stay warm, the mayhem that is about to ensue won’t bother you one bit. In fact, you will see it as a blessing; it’s a huge blessing. You will grow to understand that for humanity to survive; the cold evolutions are to be swept away. It’s happening bit by bit…..
Much love,