A new day has dawned upon us, and God has blessed us with another chance to get it right. I woke up this am at 3:00, wide awake, and I got to thinking about the truth. People always want the truth; until that truth isn’t what they want to hear.
Ponder this…People say they want the truth, but truth scares them. When people hear the truth, and it contradicts their ego and challenges the illusion they live in, they push back, and they get angry, and they don’t like you; they become hateful and challenge you.
From experience, I’ve learned that speaking the truth really doesn’t make you popular. Telling people what they want to hear will make you a rising star because you’re not contradicting or pushing against what someone believes.
The truth is, I never went into this business to be a superstar or a billionaire. I live paycheck to paycheck like most common folk and sometimes, I’m living on a prayer to make ends meet. I went into this business to help people see their truth, help them heal, and carry them to a new dimension. That will never change. That’s the truth.
The truth is, too many people can’t handle the truth and prefer to stay in the illusion. The truth is the illusion is safer to them than facing the truth within themselves.
As the world continues to change and people are fed lies to make them feel safe, things won’t match up, and eventually, they will have no choice but to face the truth, both outward and inward. Eventually, the illusion collapses. Eventually, the truth they didn’t want to hear or see sets people free…
Take some time today to evaluate if you’re living truth or holding onto an illusion. Are you being truthful with yourself? Think about the people who told you the truth, and you got angry with them or didn’t want to hear what they had to say. Today, think about how the truth can set you free.
Be blessed, be truthful, drop the illusion, be set free
God bless