Morning greetings!!

It’s spring, and the birds are happily chatting away early in the am. Birds wake each day and sing a happy song; you can too.

A bird didn’t wake this morning and think, well, yesterday I lost the worm, and my feathers aren’t fluffing right today. No, a bird wakes, stretches its wings, and happily starts its new day. The bird looks for new worms, sings a new tune, and doesn’t care about its feathers being out of place. The bird is happy to be alive.

Now you’re probably thinking birds don’t have responsibilities or stressors, Jen! Well, of course, they do, just differently. The point is, don’t worry about the things that are out of your control, don’t sweat the small stuff. Be happy that God gave you another day.

Life isn’t always great, but each day you get the chance to sing a new tune. Today could be the day that changes your life in a good way.

So wake up, stretch your wings, and thank God for this day.

Be blessed, do ya best

Much love