A few times recently, I’ve gotten the question: Do my own beliefs interfere with a person’s healing or what I see for an individual in counseling or a guidance session? Actually, not at all.

This is where people tend to get confused. Often people think that what I am seeing or feeling is based on my belief system. It’s not based on my belief system, but it’s based on my interpretation of what I am seeing and feeling. However, the interpretation of a client’s situation is not solely based on my own interpretation.

During any session, I discuss my interpretation of what I am seeing and feeling with a client. I ask the client a series of questions to make sure that what I am interpreting is accurate and/ or their life situation.

I make sure the client fully understands the interpretation in their way, or I’ll have them sit with it for a few days until it makes sense for them. This is why I often say, take things with a grain of salt.

Each client is different; each person’s life path and destiny are different. No two are the same. Some people need prayer to help them get to the light more quickly; some need guidance, some require both, others don’t need either, and that’s fine too.

As far as my belief system, I am not tied to nor do I associate with any organized religion. I believe we can take something from all religions and use them to our benefit and spiritual growth. I believe God is in all things and within us too. I believe we all have a spark of light, no matter what. I believe Jesus is the son of God, a true spiritual warrior. I believe Mary is a powerful spiritual warrior too. I believe there are great priests and pastors, and shady ones too.

Does that have to be your belief? Nope. I work with people who don’t have a belief, and that’s their choice. I don’t push anything on them. What they do and how they heal is their decision; I’m just holding their hand. I’m their cheerleader.

So, here’s the point… the way I see or feel something doesn’t have to be the way you do. My hope is that you take something from it that will help you in your growth and healing. My hope is that you will learn to believe in yourself, find God within you on your own, and teach others how to heal too.

Take it with a grain of salt… keep it movin… don’t let anyone take ya light or get ya down.

Grace and love to you