I got to thinking today about butterflies. Butterflies are powerful and deep representations of our life. They have symbolism, mystery and often signify rebirth, change, transformation, hope, and new life. Some believe butterflies are messengers from the heavens, a hello message from a loved one, to offer comfort and hope.

I got to thinking about butterflies after someone I know was very sick recently. They a heart attack, died twice, were brought back to life and said they saw butterflies. The doctor called what they saw hallucinations, or not real, but I know they were real. It was almost like they visited the heavens for those short moments. Could they have seen heaven? I believe it.

About five years ago, I saw the most beautiful red butterfly gracefully fly past me on a spring day. The butterfly felt like something straight outta Alice and Wonderland. It was soon after that bizarre red butterfly sighting that my life got flipped upside down. It was a blessing, though; it helped me grow, evolve, change, and morph into a better, stronger version of myself.

I have heard and seen butterflies symbolizing a passing of a loved one. Often a needed message of comfort and hope to know your not alone, that your loved one is only a butterfly away.

These extraordinary butterfly encounters always have symbolism. Always trust what it feels like for you. If the encounter feels like an important message, definitely trust that.

If you pay attention, you’ll see so many different signs from the heavens all around you. You won’t have to look; they will appear, messages from a loved one to let you know they are near, or signs from the heavens that you’re not alone on this journey, and there is nothing to fear.

Believe, trust, wake up; there’s so much more to life you might be missing.

Much love,