Happy Easter to you and yours; today is Good Friday, the day Christians take time to remember the crucifixion of Jesus, and then, on Easter Sunday, Jesus was said to have risen from the dead.

Today and these next few days are significant spiritually. No matter what your religious background, we can all learn something from the crucifixion of Jesus.

We have all suffered crucifixion in one way or another. This is a time of renewal and rebirth; It’s a time to remember that through difficulty and pain, we can rise again. There is a beauty on the other side of pain, a rebirth, a renewal.

Many don’t know or understand much about Jesus, but Jesus was a spiritual warrior; he fought the darkness and brought it to light. God gave his only son in exchange for the devil releasing his grip from God’s people. Jesus died for our sins. Jesus died so God’s people could be set free.

Jesus, a true spiritual warrior, he prayed for and forgave those that tormented him, whipped, deceived, and beat him. He loved, saved, and helped all those that BELIEVED in him. If Jesus can forgive and love, you can too.

This Easter can be a reminder of the spiritual warrior Jesus was and how we to can follow his ways. How we can forgive and love our tormentors, how we can rise again after pain, and how if you believe, really believe, Jesus will save you too.

Have a blessed Easter… May God renew your mind, body, and spirit. May you have the strength and endurance to overcome your life obstacles and be a warrior just like Jesus. May you continue to fight the good fight and do what Jesus would do.

Much love,