As the world continues to change and evolve, people will continue to react to the changes and fall into fear, anger, and projection. It’s just something that has to happen and will continue to happen. If you’re “woke” and working on your wounds, you won’t have to be part of any of that drama. You’ll see it, and you’ll keep it moving.

I have heard the term “woke” multiple times lately; I suppose it’s the new slang for “awakened.” I believe to be “woke” means to see things beyond the way humanity sees things, beyond the control, manipulation, and lies. To know there is so much more to life than what is sold to you. So much more than just 9-5 life, vacations, and casual conversations. Life is much more profound.

As people begin to get sick of all the crazy, more people will begin to be awakened and look to escape the madness of the reality that we live in. That’s when you’ll see people become unified, more spiritual, and learn there is so much more that they were missing all along. It’s happening bit by bit; in a few months, it will be even more; in a year or two or three, a lot of the world will be “woke.”

It’s a great time to learn to be more present, not take anything personally and have compassion for each person and their journey. It’s a time to forgive, be more loving, and join the “woke culture.” Stay away from the cancel culture; let people be who they want to be.

It’s an important time to be kind to yourself, work on your wounds rather than projecting them on others, and don’t take on the demands of others to make yourself feel good enough. If you’re feeling more angry and restless, ask yourself what you’re resisting, controlling, or not letting go of? Use all that energy you’re holding onto to make positive changes within yourself.

Most importantly, do your best to stay in your heart, to stay in a place of love and peace, practice kindness, hold yourself responsible for your actions and reactions, and find the light in even the darkest moments.

Our time is coming; better days lie ahead. Cancel your subscription to this humdrum world and join the “woke” culture. Bring yourself up a notch or 10, and God will meet you there.

Peace, grace, and much love to you.

Godspeed on your journey