Did you know you can heal through your dreams? It’s true; dreams are how God connects with us, teaches us, warns us, and even heals us. When we are in a dream state, we can process and resolve unhealed issues.

I have personally experienced more vivid, even prophetic dreams over the last several years. I know others have too. God provides us with messages and uses us through dreams to give messages to others. Sometimes dreams can be a prophetic warning of what’s to come. It is important to trust those dreams, not to disregard them.

Then some dreams are the makings of all the things stored in our subconscious mind—the things we don’t want to face in our waking state. In our dreams, our brain slows down enough to process the things that we try to resist in our waking state.

Our dreams bring to the surface the things we need to work through and heal; even if the dream doesn’t make sense, it’s important to write down the dream events and notice how you can compare the dream’s symbology in your life. Every dream symbol, even the most ridiculous dream, has meaning for you. Let me give you some examples to help you out:

-If the dream appears that you are watching an event unfold, it could be prophetic rather than being part of the actual event; write it down. Years before the 911 attacks, I dreamt that two small planes flew into two separate buildings. At the time, I had no clue what that meant. That was a prophetic dream.

-If you have a dream of a loved one saying hello or wishing you well, or giving you a positive healing message. It was a visitation from your loved one, letting you know they are ok. If the dream portrays them in a negative light or something scary or unsettling happening to them the dream, it could be one of two things…. The devil tried to make you think they aren’t ok, or it is a representation of your inner fears about life after death. Both instances need healing.

-If you have a dream about someone from a past relationship, it could mean you are missing them, need closure, are getting closure through the dream, or still haven’t fully processed within yourself the relationship and what occurred.

-If you are being chased by scary things in your dreams and having night terrors, it could be one of two things… Let’s go with the less scary one first; it could be the shadow aspects of yourself that need healing, such as disdain, anger, grief, things you haven’t healed coming after you to be healed. Two, it could mean you’re spiritually oppressed, and you need to pray out loud. Probably focus on your connection with God more and review where you could have lost your faith.

-If in your dreams you’re fighting with people. Try and remember why you’re fighting with them in your dream. It’s showing you something that you need healed within you.

Those are just a few examples of dreams that I hear of pretty often from clients. I always say feel into it with any dream, think of how it could fit into your life. Is it showing you something you need to be aware of? And make sure you write it down, even if it doesn’t make sense right now.

We are in the end of times, not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. It’s a time that to purify ourselves, we have to open the gates of hell within ourselves and see, heal, and fix ourselves before we can redeem ourselves.

Pay attention to your dreams, don’t give up on your dreams, believe in your dreams. Believe better days are ahead.

Dream on, Much love,