If you haven’t noticed lately, I am trying to get people to begin to wake up, to start their healing journey, to become better versions of themselves. Not such a popular topic with most people I’m learning.

It was like the spirit just came over me yesterday and, said “today, Jen, you need to get people moving on their journey, get them on their path..”You see, when I feel these things, they come over me pretty intensely. I suppose it’s for a reason. Maybe like a time is running out, let’s get it moving.

I gathered all my client’s emails, signed them up to get inspirational messages, did a post to add people to my message list, and was ready to go! Oddly though, people didn’t want to get positive, uplifting messages; maybe ten people inboxed me their emails, some unsubscribed to the email I sent, others just ignored it. It’s the world we live in, though. Some people were so thankful I signed them up and added them. It’s true, though; You can see the divide.

It’s strange, so many people ignore the messages. Many of the things I’ve posted in the past, warnings I have gotten, many have come true; still, people ignore it and don’t listen. It’s all still on my blog, years of writings. I guess this is what is meant in the Bible by eyes to see and ears to hear.

I’ve learned, though, it’s my job to warn people and try and show them the way. If they don’t listen or they run the other way, that’s on them; that’s between them and God. I’m just bringing you to the bus stop and hoping you hop on the bus of life.

So, this is just another one of those messages I’m putting out there, as instructed. It’s time to wake up, be aware, pray, and work on your shortcomings. It’s time to start your journey, hop on the bus, and figure out what you’re here for and help others too.

There’s no healing race happening, but its crucial you begin to wake up.  The more you heal, the lighter you become, you become more aware.  Being aware will keep you safe in the coming years.  You definitely want to read that again.

It’s not really a time to be partying, getting back to your old normal, rushing to travel, etc… all the things most people do. It’s not a time to fear and panic; it’s not a time to ignore the signs.

God tells me, and he’s telling you too, it’s a time to wait, a time to pray, a time to make amends, a time to forgive, a time to heal, a time to love, a time to believe, a time to remember who you are and why you came here.

Be mindful of your actions and reactions. You’ll see. I’m just giving you a heads up. If you start to change today by simply asking God for help, he will help you, but you have to believe and at least try. It makes a world of difference when the time comes.

I am wishing you a really blessed day. Wishing you get the chance to live life, not experience life. There’s a difference when you’re awake and see so much more beauty.

Be well, be blessed

Much love