It’s been feeling a little heavy out there the last few days, so if you’re feeling it, you’re not alone. Lots of anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness are happening.  

I felt a wave of anxiety come through this morning, and I knew things were feeling off. During these times, what works for me is prayer, of course, and feeling into the uncomfortable energy —asking yourself, what is this feeling trying to tell me? What do you need to heal? Repeating Jesus Jesus Jesus also helps a lot too!

You see, it’s not a time of running from ourselves or our problems or the world, but a time of renewal, growth, and change. You have to feel; you have to heal. It’s also essential to get rid of toxic people in your life and find your tribe, find the people that vibe with you. 

It’s also a time to trust your gut, listen to what it is telling you. Don’t let other people influence your decisions or your beliefs. Stay away from making fear-based decisions as well. 

Things are changing, I believe the world is feeling it, a lot of strange events happening, weather, violence, etc.. I think it’s pretty helpful to remember God is ultimately in control, and things will be ok. The time is here; it is the beginning of a new beginning in so many ways. Let’s embrace the change; let’s embrace our healing.  

We are in this together.. 

Be well, believe better times are coming 

Much love,