This is another message people will disregard. This is not to scare people, but it’s true. I warned people about this way before the vaccine even came out, and again, nobody believed me or even paid attention.
There will also be problems with strokes, muscle paralysis, and heart blockages. Additionally, there will be other rare blood disorders that they won’t connect to the vaccine within a year. It’s all on my blog from months ago. As I mentioned, trust your gut on getting the vaccine. If it feels right for you, then you do it, if you are unsure, do not get it.
At this time, I would not trust getting the vaccine in young children. Especially ages 14 and under. Use your better judgment. I feel in that age group the vaccine will cause possible neurological issues both short and long term. Not something to mess with.
Don’t make fear-based decisions. Make decisions based on what feels right for you. You will need to be aware in the coming times in order to not make fear-based decisions. If you’re not aware, It’s time to start learning how to be aware.
Scary world we live in that people would pick vacationing over their own life….. Each chooses their own destiny, I suppose. Scary world we live in that people don’t trust God with their lives.   When the bible says, don’t trust man, trust God….