I had another dream the other night, and I knew it was a prophecy of what is to come. Last night, my son had a prophetic dream that seems to line up with the things I have seen. I always know the difference between a prophetic dream and a dream that is just a dream.

This is truth, so if you don’t like truth or don’t want to be prepared, I don’t recommend reading this. You can stay in the illusion of nothing is happening, but it won’t help you. Stay out of fear; stay aware.

Every dream I have had so far that has been prophetic has come true; God speaks to us and gives us warning through our dreams. Look back through my blog, and you’ll see the other dreams I have posted and how they did indeed happen, as I said and saw.

Few people ever bring up that I have written about things and then they happen, it’s kinda bizarre. I just assume they don’t care to read about what I have written or they just want to ignore what I am warning them about. It definitely takes some tough skin to talk about this stuff, but God gives me strength.

A few of the visions I have had have not yet come true, but they will in time. The California earthquake vision I had, linked to an underwater volcano, I feel is coming….

So here goes….. this prophetic dream had two parts. In the first part, I was observing migrants in a motel. They were stuffed in these small rooms, some even sleeping in the bathroom tub, it was unfortunate. They were not being treated well by our government.

A little girl came up to me with flowers, she could see me. I said to her, “are you ok?” She said, “yes, I am ok; we trust in God and know he will bring us to a better place.” Then she said, “We come here to bring peace and prayer; we are people of God too.”

This dream tells me that many of the migrants come in peace and bring God-loving energy. Maybe we need them here to help bring more love to the land. Migrants are entering, though, that are not good too—balance in all things, I suppose.

The next dream I had, I am still a bit confused about. I observed people in vans kidnapping people or hurting them. I saw random vans parked in crowded parking lots that would grab people as they got into their cars. I have no clue what that means.

Now my son’s dream. I never shared anything with him about what I saw associated with this until he told me about his dream.

He had a dream that a star or planet close to us had a piece of it break off. The part that broke off hurdled to earth undetected and put a crack in our earth. He said it hit around New York, causing a massive earthquake and breaking apart the sea level then started to rise.

If you remember, I saw a meteor hitting the same area doing the same thing a year or so ago. So there must be something that does happen along those lines. I also saw plasma shooting off the sun, hitting the earth, which is in line with all of this.

Nothing to be scared of if you’re close to God, and you stay out of fear. This has to happen to rebuild the earth. Now it’s God’s turn to take his land back.

-God wins

Believe, and pray for your protection.

Much love,