People are off today, saying mean things, acting bizarre. They get angry when you seem positive and in place of God. I’ve also noticed that people who once seemed happy and positive are now quieter and giving up.

There also appears to be a ton of deception out there, meaning people acting a certain way to get something, only then to ignore you and give you the cold shoulder. This is where you need your perception of people. Always be even kinder to them when you sense this.

I had some rude comments on posts of mine, but I delete those and ignore them; sometimes, I ban the people. No need for that nonsense and anger! It’s just where people are at, and they want and need to lash out at someone to project their hate.

On the flip side, don’t let the anger and hate of the world and these people bring you down. Yes, it feels terrible, yes it’s hateful, but yes, you can still be positive and keep it moving.

You can still spread love, light, and love your tormentors. Let the anger and hate projected at you make you stronger and more loving. It means you’re doing something right; it means you’re standing your ground against the devil and his party.

Things are shifting and changing, do not let that change you and the love in your heart. Offer your love to every soul you meet. Pray for people that seem angry and enraged.

I was at the ER with my son this Am. While we were waiting, a lady across from us, was very upset. She was screaming at the staff because her 9-month-old had a head injury. She had been sitting there with her 2-year-old autistic daughter, and the doctor didn’t come back to update her about her son for 7 hours.. I felt terrible for her; I could feel her pain. She was upset because of the lack of communication. That does seem to be a real issue in healthcare these days. The staff called security because she was losing it; I would too, I get it.

I immediately started praying for her out loud. I asked God to help her and her son, bring the Holy Spirit into her, and bring her peace. Seconds later, she stopped screaming and calmed down, and not a peep from her after. It also seemed the surgeon came right down about 5 minutes after that.

That is the power of prayer, that’s the power of God. Imagine if we all started praying…

I am wishing you a delightful, prayer-filled Sunday. May God bless you and your family.

Much love,