-Often we take things personally and suffer a hit to our ego. Even if we just suffer a hit to the ego it’s important to remember it’s part of your karma, your lessons.

-When someone upsets you, or you’re angry with them, love them anyway. Love can cure pain, love can help you get through the pain. Maybe they are a teacher for you.

-Obsession can be really dangerous…. don’t get obsessed with anything

-Earth angels are real…

-If you fixate on any one thing, or person you take on the energy of that thing or person. This one might take a minute. Just let it simmer….

-You can’t FIX everyone. If you feel bad for people, you’re essentially trying to fix them. A grown adult has the ability to fix themselves. Only if they want. Stop taking on their stuff 

-Be grateful for what you avoid each day.

 -Build your protection by building your light with warmth and kindness.

-Try not to complain so much about your problems.

-If a lover has hurt you time and again, or you just can’t seem to connect, that person may not be for you. Its best to learn the lesson and keep it moving. It will save you years of agony. If they haven’t changed by now, they probably aren’t going to.

-In these adverse times it’s important to turn within, be around people who raise you up. Learn to trust your intuition, if you feel a shift in someone, something, or somewhere, get moving. Things have the ability to flip overnight.

-It is best not to worry about the outcome of things GIVE IT TO GOD

-Staying neutral in emotion is very important. Stay out of FEAR. That and control will get you in trouble every single time.

-Always always pray out loud, it creates miracles. Just wait…

-Feeling lost about what I just said? It’s ok, everyone wakes up in their own time.

Peace out