First, let’s define what telepathy really is and what it is not. First, telepathy isn’t some hocus pocus thing where you influence the thoughts of another individual. Telepathy is connecting with a person, animal, even tree or plant without words, using the mind. How crazy and dippy does that sound?!

Telepathy isn’t crazy or creepy at all. Most everyone has experienced telepathy in one way or another at some point in his or her lifetime. We often communicate telepathically with others without even realizing it, and most of us aren’t even aware that it’s possible.

Have you ever thought of someone and then they text, call, or email you? Telepathy. Have you looked at a tree, plant, animal and felt like it was telling you something but felt too crazy to admit it to yourself? Telepathy. Have you ever known a friend, child, or loved one was in danger? Telepathy. Do you know when someone is thinking of you? Telepathy. Do you have dreams that feel real, and when you wake up, it takes some time to shake them? Telepathy. Have you thought of a loved one who has passed and suddenly you get warmth in your heart or a chill? Telepathy, they are connecting with you.

Have you ever been in love and know what the other person is thinking and feeling even though they aren’t there? Telepathy. Have you ever looked at someone and know what they are thinking without either of you talking? Telepathy. Telepathy happens through music too! The list goes on and on. All kinds of telepathy happening; you don’t realize it.

Once you begin to grow spiritually or open your mind, you will begin to see and believe the concept of telepathy. Animals, trees, and plants always talk to us by mental telepathy, and they have emotions and feelings, just like humans do. Do this…. Look at a plant, tree, or animal and say in your head to the plant, tree, or animal, what are you thinking? See what answer you get. Practice a bit; you’ll see it will make sense to you.

Most individuals build an emotional or mental barrier to protect themselves from feeling hurt and the harshness in this world. However, telepathic mutual connections go beyond that barrier. Telepathy can be powerful in spiritual connections, soulmates, twins, and family members, friends, even loved ones who have crossed over. A genuine telepathic human connection requires a bond of some sort between two people, it requires both parties to feel a strong bond mutually and caring for each other.

Telepathy between hearts is real; the feelings are real, the dreams are real. Start to be more mindful of telepathy and notice what it might be telling you. If you get a gut feeling about someone or something, trust that feeling and reach out to them, you might find they needed you.

Open your mind, open your heart, feel, believe, go beyond what you know and were taught. Believe there is so much more to life, and life will give you so much more.

Much love,