Usually, when I see spiritual stuff, I try and keep my mouth shut, but sometimes I can’t! So here is a good story for you.
I live in a townhouse, so outback, the neighbor’s deck is close to mine. My neighbors are a nice couple in their mid 50’s, I don’t know them too well, but I say hello when I see them—very nice people.
I was outside last Tuesday planting and getting my summer plants out when I happened to glance over at the neighbor’s deck to see an older man sitting at their patio table. He was in his 80’s. He looked pretty happy.
Here’s the thing… he wasn’t living. Now, my neighbors don’t have any clue about me or what I do. I never needed to tell them.
I felt like this older man was connected to the man that lives there with his wife. He felt like a father figure. He just wanted him to know he was ok.
In my head, I was like, no, no, not going there!!!! I didn’t see the neighbors around for a few days, so I just kind of let it go. Until today. I was outside chasing my cat off the deck, back inside, and that neighbor appeared!!
Not keeping my mouth shut, I said hello; I have something interesting to tell you. I said, please don’t think I’m crazy, but an older man was sitting at your table outside the other day. Looking at me like I was crazy, he said, “oh, you’re not crazy, but that’s impossible because we were away” I said, well, this man wasn’t living, and by the way, has your father passed away? It gets good now.
He says, “ you mean you saw someone in your imagination?’ I said yes, sure, he was sitting right there, lol”. He said, “my dad is alive, but we were just at my dads, brother’s funeral in Florida!” So it was his uncle that I saw!
He said, “ you’re giving me chills; I don’t normally believe in this stuff, but how would you know he just died and we were at his funeral!” He said, “I can’t wait to tell my wife.”
He said, “nobody ever sits in that chair, and I just cleaned it” I said, well, he wants you to know he’s ok, and he made it.
Seconds later, the most beautiful gigantic yellow butterfly flew right past me. God is good. God helps people wake up in the most remarkable ways.
About an hour after I saw my neighbor, I went back outside to sweep the deck. He was still outside and I jokingly said, I don’t see your uncle there now. He was on the phone, but I didn’t notice. He said “ now you’re really creeping me out because I’m on the phone with my dad.” I said I’ll just stay inside now haha!
I hope this story made you smile; know your loved ones in heaven are only a butterfly away. Maybe next to you right now as you’re reading this happy story.
Much love,