Blog I wrote about covid before people actually knew what it was. I saw it was created in a lab in Africa by a scientist mixing malaria and sars. They were trying to create a new vaccine for new strains of malaria in Africa.
I saw the test tube dropped, shattered, and there was an unknown airborne exposure of the mixed viruses.
The people in the lab didn’t know the droplets were airborne and could be absorbed through ones pores. One of the scientists who were exposed, then flew to China, exposing thousands. What people don’t know is that it actually started in Africa, not China. Also, they haven’t figured out that the virus is actually absorbed through the pores on the body, via airborne droplets
It’s true, it may or may not come out, but wait and see.
Vaccine trouble in kids
As I mentioned would happen. I saw children who got the vaccine would have heart problems, stroke, and potentially neurological problems. Timing on those side effects is from the time of vaccine to 6 months.
In adults, I saw muscle paralysis, heart problems, blood clots, and stroke. Also, muscles hardening and becoming paralyzed, but I’m not sure what that is.
Gotta do what is best for you though. If it feels right for you, get it. If it doesn’t don’t get it. The long-term effects of the vaccine could be worse with multiple doses. Use your better judgment.
These things will be downplayed and underreported. Something to be aware of, you cannot trust the higher-ups. You can trust God.