Just like people, I’ve noticed that animals have different spiritual abilities, different gifts from God. This is something I have always been aware of, but recently I have more deeply observed.
Noticing how spiritual energy affects my animals is one of the reasons I stopped seeing people at my house in person. I’ll explain further….
Over the last couple of years, I have noticed my animals act and react very intuitively to certain situations. Here’s the thing though, each of my four animals has a different gift I noticed.
At times what one animal is aware of, the other is not.
My dog Sky has a gift of feeling and sensing negative energies before they arrive. When I would see clients in my house, if the person had negative energy, Sky would vomit in the hours before their appointment. Sometimes it would happen multiple times a day. Once I stopped seeing people in person, Sky stopped vomiting so much. Interesting heh?
Sky, my husky, has been the one hiding under my desk the last few weeks and acting very odd. Sky has one blue eye and one brown eye. It’s said that dogs with two-colored eyes see Heaven and earth at the same time.
Then there’s Halo, the little jug. Halo has the gift of smell, and definitely, a telepathic thing happening, and he sees things. Halo can sniff out health issues in people the second he meets them. He obsessively sniffs an area of the person’s body, just one area. Halo also talks with his eyes and knows what you’re thinking; it’s weird, I know, but true!
Gio is my little white warrior cat. Gio is very sensitive in many different ways, but mostly sight and feeling. When I would have clients at my house, and they had bad energy, Gio would always come down and take care of it. Gio also understands what people say. I once had a client that told him he looked like a wise old man. Gio didn’t like that. He turned his back to her the entire session and refused to look at her! Gio also sees energy in color; it’s almost like he sees into a different dimension.
Finally, there is Chanel. Chanel can sense shifts in the environment. Before any major storm, or when things feel kind of out of whack, Chanel meows like a maniac for 10 minutes straight. When Chanel gets around any negative energy, she farts! Chanel, the cat, isn’t afraid to fart out loud.
It can make your animals very sick if you expose them to, too much negative energy. It took a toll on my animals, which is one of the reasons why I’ll be looking for an office rather than seeing clients in my home.
My animals aren’t any more special than yours, though. I bet. If you paid attention, you would notice the spiritual gifts your animals have too. Animals are sensitive; they sense things often before they happen; they are here to protect, serve, and love you.