Energy vampires are individuals that suck the emotional energy right out of you. They don’t respect your time, your emotions, or your emotional state; They feed on your kindness and willingness to want to help them. Leaving you overwhelmed and exhausted.
Since the pandemic, I have noticed emotional/energy vampires have multiplied. They hunt out good energy people to boost themselves and leave you nothing in return.
An emotional vampire can be anyone around you, a friend, neighbor, spouse, family member, or co-worker. It’s important to learn how to set boundaries with these people and be aware of their toxic patterns and behaviors.
There are some telltale signs that you’re dealing with an emotional/ energy vampire… I’ll give you a few of the more obvious ones that I have encountered along the way.
-They always want to meet in person. They want to take advantage of your time and energy too. They are very persistent when it comes to “in-person meetings.” If you say no, often they will show up at your house and claim they just wanted to drop off a gift for you. Huge trap. That’s how they suck you into talking to them, and they drain your energy.
-They love FaceTime. They will choose to FaceTime you over talking over the phone so that they can drain more of your emotional energies.
-They don’t care how you’re doing or how you feel. They only want to talk about themselves.
-Emotional vampires are charming and very manipulative
-Nothing is ever their fault; it’s always someone else. They are always the victim.
-They don’t actually want your help; they want someone to complain to and emotionally drain.
-They have no boundaries. They don’t care about your time. They will keep talking and talking and disregard your attempts to end conversations.
-They believe they are entitled. It’s all about them; nobody is better than them. They will always try to one-up you.
-They are often codependent
-Emotional vampires are always looking for drama and always have drama with someone
Those are just a few of the signs of emotional vampires. People who are sensitive and caring are prime targets for energy vampires. You offer a listening ear, a kind heart, and endless energy. However, I have seen people that think they are kind and loving be emotional vampires too. I suppose it’s part of their scheme to suck someone in.
The best way to handle an energy/emotional vampire is to set firm boundaries. They can smell your weaknesses from the second they encounter you. Often, they use your weaknesses against you. Use a stern voice, and don’t feed into their drama.
Never go into emotion when talking with an emotional vampire. Keep your answers short. You can say things like “I’m sorry you feel that way” or “that’s terrible to hear.” Don’t try to fix them. They don’t want to be fixed. They want your time and energy. If they come to your house, definitely don’t answer your door!! If they FaceTime you, don’t answer.
So when dealing with an emotional/energy vampire…. Keep it moving. If it’s a spouse or family member, set a solid boundary, don’t talk to them about things that upset you, and don’t fall into the emotion!!!!
The most important lesson when dealing with an energy/emotional vampire is what it teaches you. It teaches you that you can’t save people that don’t want to be saved. It teaches you that you’re still good enough even if you don’t help them, and it teaches you that your time and energy are most important.
Much love,