I keep getting the feeling that people shouldn’t be eating eggs. Not sure why that keeps coming to me, but I think I have an idea. I’ll give you a hint… Same thing I told you that is making the birds sick. See blog “what is making the birds sick”
I feel like something will be coming up where the chickens get sick or is already happening. Hence, the eggs won’t be good and will carry disease. The farmers or government won’t catch it, and they won’t know what it is that’s making the chickens sick.
This could cause a “mystery” illness that will make people very sick. Perhaps cause another pandemic situation. They won’t know it’s connected to the eggs initially.
In humans, I can see the eggs causing a bad chicken virus, like another avian influenza or salmonella. I’d stay away from chicken period. For some reason, I feel the eggs will be the main issue though.
This also applies to if you have your own chicken coop situation at home. I’m being shown people should look for dehydration in their chickens, and their feathers will look very dull. I am not sure how one knows if a chicken is dehydrated. If the chicken has dull feathers and seems off, don’t eat those eggs. Pray psalm 91 over the chicken coop.
All I can do is warn you; you have to do what is best for you. Watch your egg intake. Trust your perception. If it feels off, don’t eat it.