It’s a time of letting go of karmic ties from the past. It’s a time of renewal, a time of cleansing. The old you is dissolving, making way for a new and better you.
During this time, old situations that were part of who and what you used to be will come up to test you. Will you hold onto the old you and those old patterns? Or will you let go and move forward to let new experiences and opportunities in?
You will need good discernment during this time and moving forward. Situations that used to serve you will appear as opportunities for improvement and growth. You’ll have to be able to feel things out and know what feels right and what does not. Tricky times. Trust in God is key.
Making sure you can review and remove any old relationships and friends is really important too. You’ll need to ask yourself, does this person serve my higher good? Or do they drain me? People will creep back in; not all of them are here to support you.
You see, this is a time of renewal. The old world as we know it is washing away. The new world, full of new possibilities, is on our doorstep. Part of the cleaning up and renewal process is on you. It’s your job to get rid of your inner demons and to rid yourself of the people and situations that hold you back.
God is giving you a look-see into your future, but you have to be ready to let go of what was and become who God has planned for you to be all along.
Be blessed, do your best.