-If uncle Joe loves Trumpy, and you love Bidey, and Aunt Tina loves conspiracy theories, you love them all because who cares? It’s their journey, not yours.

-Look at everyone with kinder eyes

-Stop listening to what is being told to you, and start listening to your gut and what God is telling you.

-if you can’t see that people are being played against each other and there is a divide of hate and judgment happening, then this message isn’t for you.

-Stay out of fear. Fear is a result of not trusting God and feeling out of control. You were never in control, to begin with, so keep it movin.

-Why judge someone if they got the shot or not? It’s none of your beeswax! In the end, it’s not going to matter if you got the shot or not because there will be variants the shot is not going to help. If you’re strong in your faith and trust God, I saw those people would be ok regardless. So when they tell you that you need booster numbers 5,6,7, it’s time to keep it moving.

-If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you know I’ve said more people will begin to become spiritual, not religious, but spiritual. You won’t be able to trust the higher-ups; you’ll have to trust God and alternate therapies to feel better, moving forward.

-Learn not to follow the popular emotion. It’s fear-based and can get you in trouble. Probably a good idea to do the opposite of what the popular emotion is doing.

-When everyone is angry, as seems to be the case now, spread more love. Offer your love silently to each individual you meet.

-If something you read or hear about is making you angry toward other groups of people, check yourself. Maybe it’s something in yourself that needs to be healed. Ponder that…

-The global shadow is coming out; anything that people haven’t healed is showing up in front of them, making them go crazier. So rather than going crazy and projecting your pain on others, fix yourself. If that makes no sense to you, then you probably have a lot of healing to do

-Sorry, folks, but this is gonna get a lot worse. Start to observe what is happening instead of reacting to it. If you become the observer, you’ll see the manipulation that is occurring. If you react, you become blind and fall to fear.

-I’m hearing hospital workers firsthand say they won’t help people as much if they aren’t vaccinated. How is that Godly? If you’re one of those people, you better have a convo with God. If you’re in the career of healing people, you should heal people without judgment. It’s truly heartbreaking.

-Most notably, remember JESUS LOVED EVERYONE regardless of who they were. Jesus even loved the people that beat him. He forgave them and loved them; he prayed for them. Jesus wouldn’t say you can’t come to Christmas because you don’t have the shot. If you’re saying that, you probably should look deep within yourself. You are playing a part in the devil’s plan to separate people and stop the love.

Stay in love, stay in the light, remain in God

Much love