Often, well, 95% of the time, when I close my eyes, I start to see things in my mind, almost like a movie is playing, a movie in a parable. These are the “visions” I speak of having.
I have always had them, but early on, I had no idea what I was seeing until something I saw later became the 9/11 attacks. Then I started putting it all together.
Since 2015, I have kept a running log of the visions I have seen because I knew what I was seeing would one day make sense and was absolutely a warning of changes to come and a new world. I see so many beautiful things, but some not so beautiful things too. Sometimes I say, I don’t want to see anything today.
I post about some of the things I see, but not too often. Years ago, I learned that not everyone was ready to hear what I had to say, understand it, and nor do they care. I also learned that people don’t pay attention to what we little people say unless you’re famous or have 10,000 followers.
Here’s a little bit of wisdom for you, though…. Many of the people who have all those followers get caught up in their ego, and their visions can become clouded with false information. Tricky devil, trying to steer people the wrong way…. Part of their karma I suppose.
It takes great discernment and being able to pull out of your own emotion and connection to things to get pure, correct information. I’m not perfect, Polly, but I have never wanted to become famous or achieve the goal of having billions of followers. I just wanted to inform people, wake them up, and teach them how to get to God and obtain their own pure information.
All that being said, I wanted to share something that occurred over the last few days that lines up with a vision I had on 8/1. See the picture of my documented vision. Please take what I wrote with a grain of salt. Not all things happen exactly as I see them and I don’t always understand what I see.
In 2016, I had a vision that 9/17, there would be an eclipse and seven days of darkness. I never figured it out and never understood fully what it meant. I knew eclipses could happen in space, and they do, but it just never made sense. Remember this paragraph for later…… Come back to it after reading what I copy from spaceweather.com
In August, I had a vision that Jupiter would be hit by something in the month of SEPTEMBER, and a piece of it would break apart and hit the earth. New York, to be exact. Following the strike, there would be a tsunami from the impact. Now I know that Jupiter is a gaseous planet, so it made no sense to me.
I told my son about it because I was trying to understand it better, and he’s brilliant about these science things! He laughed at me and said that one of Jupiter’s moons could break apart or Jupiter could spit something back at the earth. I couldn’t figure it out, so I just kept it moving. I didn’t even think about it again until what happened yesterday.
The last few days, probably since about Friday, I have been tasting and smelling an explosion. Not a typical explosion smell but a different type of explosion. I had not a clue what it meant. I kept it moving.
Then… Yesterday, a google alert came across my phone that said… “Impact flash at Jupiter” So you know, I was like what, whoa, but I kept it moving. Then later in the day, I saw this come up on spaceweather.com
“SOMETHING JUST HIT JUPITER: Last night, Sept. 13-14, German astronomer Harald Paleske was watching the shadow of Io create a solar eclipse in the atmosphere of Jupiter when something unexpected happened. “A bright flash of light surprised me,” he says. “It could only be an impact.” Follow the arrows to the fireball:
Paleske video-recorded the event. Reviewing the frames, he quickly ruled out objects such as airplanes and satellites, which might be crossing Jupiter at the time of his observation. The fireball was fixed in Jupiter’s atmosphere. It first appeared at 22:39:27 UT on Sept. 13th and remained visible for a full two seconds.”
You’ll notice it say the impact created an “eclipse.” So does this mean that everything goes dark and crazy on 9/17, and a meteor hits New York? Don’t get too scared yet. It could mean a lot of things. It could be spiritual darkness, or it could mean a meteor or something from Jupiter will hit NY.
I never say it will or it won’t because these things are very complicated to pinpoint. I’d say it’s a warning of some sort, maybe a warning of things getting cleaned up spiritually in New York. It certainly needs a clean-up.
I know I’ve been feeling it the last few days. It’s so heavy, it wears on you. I pray God soon takes this heaviness and pain away, I know he will. I know these things must take place to make the world a better place. God promises us, only a bit longer.
Until then, pray, keep it moving, keep it groovin. Love each other, love each other more, and renew your faith.
Much love,